Module Rule

module Rule: sig .. end
Definition of the cellular automata

module Templates: sig .. end
Factorization of code for Cellular Automata with usual types.
module Eca: sig .. end
Elementary Cellular Automata
module Parallel_2eca: sig .. end
Runs two ECA in parallel: each cell contains two states.
module Sandpile: sig .. end
The Bak, Tang and Wiesenfeld sandpile model.
module Cyclic: sig .. end
Cyclic Cellular Automata
module Totalizing: sig .. end
Totalizing rules, ie rules that depends only on the sum of the states of theirs neighbours (includes the famous Conway's game of life, majority).
module Majority: sig .. end
if sum_of_neighbours > nb_neighbours then 1 else 0.
module Antimajority: sig .. end
if sum_of_neighbours >= nb_neighbours then 0 else 1.
module Rrcs_2d: sig .. end
2D rules that are Rotation Reflexion and Conjugate Symmetric, with range one diamond neighboorhoud.
module Rrpcs_2d: sig .. end
"p" for "pseudo conjugate", a slight (buggy) variation (conjugating only the center cell) of rrcs2d
module Ising: sig .. end
The Ising model
module Shift: sig .. end