Module Experiment

module Experiment: sig .. end
Defines how to run a Cellular Automaton, what to measure and when to measure it.

module States: sig .. end
Simulates and draw the states of a CA.
module Stat_cmplx: sig .. end
Computes the statistical complexity, as defined in Cosma Shalizi, Rob Haslinger, Jean-Baptiste Rouquier, Kristina Lisa Klinkner and Cristopher Moore, "Automatic Filters for the Detection of Coherent Structure in Spatiotemporal Systems", nlin.CG/0508001, Physical Review E.
module Lle: sig .. end
Computes the Local Lyapunov Exponent, see same paper.
module Op_cyclic_r1t2k4box: sig .. end
Computes the order parameter and derives the free energy, see same paper.
module Synchronization: sig .. end
Computes the time needed to synchronize two eca, corresponding paper accepted.
module Density_vs_time: sig .. end
Prints data for a density (of unsynchronized states) vs time plot, same paper.
module Density_avg: sig .. end
Computes the average density of unsynchronized states, same paper.