CimulA - A Cellular Automata Analyser

Sourceforge project page (download)

The code aims at being modular, well documented and easy to extend, but we implemented only what we needed.

Research articles written with the help of this code


The program consists in a single standalone executable:


launches the simulator with default parameters and creates a fully documented file, which you can edit. Read it to see all the possibilities of the program! Any parameter can also be passed on the command line to override the sttings of the configuration file.

  ./cimula --help

will print their name (but beware there are many parameters). Of course the configuration file is not overwritten if it already exists: remove it if you want to get the initial default values.

Compiling from the sources

Tested under Linux and Windows. You need ocaml. If you want to save snapshots of the display (Linux only), you need camlimages (if you know how to use camlimages under windows, please let me know!). So, if you're a Debian user:

apt-get install ocaml libcamlimages-ocaml-dev libx11-dev

Then simply


Documentation for developers